The GGA Project -- Day #324 "It's International"

Ah.  Halloween.  I woke up a bit early so I could have some nice time with Monkey before I had to leave for work.  I dressed him up in his Garden Gnome costume for some pictures and to let him get used to the idea that he'd be wearing it for hours later on (he actually really liked wearing it and didn't even fight the hat/beard piece!).  It was really so great to be excited about this Halloween and to see that excitement transfered to him. :)

My parents had a great time taking him to a couple of neighbors' houses and then to the mall for a trick-or-treating event.  He got plenty of candy and then they swung by my work and had dinner at Rubio's nearby while waiting for me to get off.  Then I had to spirit him over to Palo Alto to drop him off at his dad's.  So I only got to take him to a few houses for some Mama/Gnome time, but it was worth it to see the sweet look on his face when he practically whispered "trick or treat," grabbed a single candy from the bowls overflowing with goodies, then whispered "thank you."  Uh, these are the delicious moments of parenthood.

Anyway, by the time I dropped him off I was pretty hungry, and seeing few options between where I was at and the freeway, I stopped at a little wrap joint I'd considered checking out before.

Today's New Activity: Quick Munch at Rojoz

Rojoz is....  Rojoz is....

I don't know exactly what Rojoz is.  I mean, it's a wrap place, and the options seem to be kind of all over the place, some sounding just like standard burritos, some having more of an Asian or Indian theme, even some Cajun action.  But I thought I'd just go for it and I ordered a vegetarian wrap with curried potatoes and cabbage and, oddly, rice inside (which I didn't remember reading in the description and which was probably made stranger than it would have been by virtue of the fact that there was rice on the side as well).

And you know, I don't know.  I think maybe curried potatoes are best left on their own rather than wrapped in things.  I mean, I'm ALL FOR super carb/starch fests.  It's actually kind of my thing.  But maybe this combination of flavors was just odd.

The place itself was a bit odd.  It was incredibly well-lit.  And by "well" I mean "brightly."  The fluorescents were near blinding.  And the walls were lined with dozens of autographed headshots of stars.  But they weren't signed to anybody, nor was Rojoz itself ever mentioned.  It was clear none of these stars had ever been here; they just were...up on the wall.

I asked the owner where she was from and she said she was Chinese, and when I tried to make some more conversation just to kind of know where the idea for the place came from and how there came to be such a variety of options, she simply answered that they were "International.'  Ok, good enough I guess.

After I ate I checked out the place on Yelp, and it had great reviews...4 stars with over 100 people weighing in.  It made me think that I need to either try again, or that Yelp reviews just aren't all their cracked up to be.

That reminds me: I really enjoyed this article on the subject of reviewing: Rate this Article.  And I'm kind of glad I didn't read all about Rojoz before deciding to try it out; my expectations might have been set too high if I had...

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