The GGA Project -- Day #308 "Un-Birthday Cake"

Today my Aunt Esther and my cousins Erin and JD and their sweetie son Mason arrived to celebrate Monkey's 2nd birthday.

I knew we'd be busy all weekend with plans, so I got started early today on the cake we'll be having tomorrow, after we visit a pumpkin patch.  Since we are already so close to Halloween, I decided to have a Halloween theme this year, so I did a little twist on his birthday cake.

Today's New Activity: Making a Monster Birthday Cake!

Giant eyeball! (Red Velvet cake with vanilla ice cream)

Eyeball cupcakes for the kids!

The grizzly aftermath...perfect for spooky theme!

And it's always so wonderful to have family here.  When my Aunt and cousins get together with my family, there is a guarantee that we will be laughing the entire time and that the visit will be comfortable and relaxed.  I love that.  I love being that close to and familiar with people.  I love knowing that I will always have them in my life.  And I love that my son is so close (three months apart) in age to his cousin and that they will always have fun memories of growing up together, even if they only see each other twice a year :)

Can't wait for Monkey's Happy Birthday Party (as I've been calling it when we talk about it)!

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