The GGA Project -- Day #304 "Blastoff! Arriba!!"

These were the words repeated over and over again by Monkey as he climbed onto and over, dove into and jumped off of a kids' rocket toy during

Today's New Activity: Stoneridge Mall Playtime

This morning I took my son for an early morning Dr.'s appointment for his two-year checkup.  Two years! (Good call on the early appointment, btw.  We are usually forced to wait quite a while, but his was by far the quickest and most convenient visit...I highly recommend making appointments at Kaiser well in advance if only just for the chance to grab the earliest morning appointment!).  Anyway, he's doing fine with growth and development, and I was very proud of his sweetness with the Doctor (whom I LOVE...I want Kaiser forever just so we can continue to see her!) and the nurse, who is pure happiness herself.

When we left, I went to run some errands with my Mom and the boy, and we eventually ended up at a mall I've hardly been to, where we discovered a perfect-for-his-size play area.

One of the things I've discovered about Monkey's most recent development is that he is at a point where I can relax more and be less of a helicopter Mom.  His playtimes are actually somewhat relaxing for me now!  There was just one thing in this whole area I was concerned about (a set of steps that he'd stand at the top of before sliding down the slide from the landing and roar like a dragon (I only know it was a dragon because he'd announce "Dragon!  Rooooaaarrrr!").  Other than that, I was able to sit with my Ma, talk, just enjoy...

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