The GGA Project -- Day #315 "Oaktown, USA"

Can it be possible that I've lived in NorCal for 12 years now and had yet to visit one of Oakland's most famous spots?  I suppose, but that meant it was time to remedy things.

Tonight I went with my friend Neal to experience

Today's New Activity: Jack London Square

What got us up that way was a vegan restaurant called Solely Vegan, which was pretty damned good!  I'm usually a little leery of vegan food, just because my experience has not been all that stellar, but this was really pretty flavorful.  We got a combo plate of everything, including bbq tofu, mac n cheese, potato salad, greens, southern fried tofu, cornbread...come to think of it there was a definite southern theme there that I somehow completely missed until just this moment, writing about it.  And it was so flavorful and the textures so NOT unpleasant that I forgot it was vegan and not just vegetarian.

After that we checked out the docks, passing by the iconic Yoshi's, which is a jazz venue I've been meaning to go to since the first year I lived here.  I felt happy just to have finally gotten THAT close to it, and it's on my list of things to do before this year, this project is over.

Verdict: will definitely be visiting both Jack London Square and Solely Vegan again...great experience in great company :)

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