The GGA Project -- Day #307 "Danville: The Reckoning"

Early on in my project I spent the day in lovely (if not a little dull) Danville to see what was up that way.  I'd yet to have reason enough to get me back, until tonight.

Today's New Activity: Suburban Night Life

Tonight I went out to meet a friend (yes!  I'm finally making friends in my neck of the woods!) at a little dive bar up there (seemingly the only place within many miles and numerous towns that stayed open late), and we found there was a second establishment right next door that was not only thriving, full of people and with a DJ thumping out beats, but where they served draft beers for two bucks on Thursdays after 10.  Apparently all of the greater Pleasanton/Dublin/Danville area was also aware of this, because the place was definitely alive.

There was nothing particularly special or original about either place or their clientele, but I was just happy to know there was a nearby place to go to late, when the majority of the suburbanites up this was have been tucked away to bed :)

And that's about all I have to say about that.

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