The GGA Project -- Day #318 "Yeah, Still No"

One part of this project I haven't done lately is to choose the thing I'd be otherwise least likely to choose otherwise.

This morning I went to Prolific Over for breakfast on my way to work, took a look in the pastry case and

Today's New Activity: Cherry Danish

Really, of all the things I would normally choose to eat, this was last among them.  It's because of the whole aversion to baked fruit thing I've mentioned before.  Some people would take one look at this and think, 'Yes!'

I, on the other hand, think, 'maybe...possibly.'

And I love the flavor of the cherry goo saturating the danish below.  I just don't like all those bitter-through-baking, plump cherries.  I don't know, just not my thing I guess.

But I'm not complaining about everything under and AROUND those cherries :)

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