The GGA Project -- Day #301 "(Near) Hazard-Free Good Kid Time"

Today is Monkey's 2nd birthday.  Since he'd be going to his Dad's house later this afternoon, I decided to have a little mini-celebration by taking him to a just-for-kids fun place for a few hours.

Today's New Activity: Finding Toddler Paradise at Super Frank's

Super Frank's, in Pleasanton, is a Chuck E. Cheese type place without most of the arcade madness and with what is purported to be much better food, with the added plus of serving coffee.  Real coffee.  I'd heard about it over a year ago from a fellow Hayward Mom, but I'd yet to make the scant 12-minute drive there to check it out.

What a great idea!  All you pay is $7 per child (which gains entrance for 2 adults as well) and then you just let the kid go nuts for as long as he can manage it.  There are 4 rooms the kids can play in (one of which is an arcade, but with all the wide open space and good-for-toddler toys in the other rooms, they don't seem to be all that drawn to that room), and they feature different activities all afternoon (toddler tumbling, music time, craft time, etc.)

The staff was super friendly and all the rooms just filled with toys that we both (mostly) safe and fun for the kids (only kids under 8 allowed to play, which kept things from getting too roughly.  Mostly the kids were right around his age or a couple of years older).

There were also tons of tables and booths surrounding the rooms, where parents sat and watched and waiting for the food they'd ordered to be brought out.  It was incredibly relaxing and stress-free, even with like 150 kids running around.

Monkey was a little shy and hesitant at first (typical for him), but he warmed up after a bit and was soon running around and trying to kiss and hug babies.  Sweetie.  I can't wait to go back with my gal friends and their little munchkins!

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