The GGA Project -- Day #302 "When You've Decided to Call a Place Home..."

Whoops!  Missed a day!

Last week I mentioned that I've finally, after a year and a half, embraced the idea that I live--for the foreseeable future--in the East Bay.  I am now open to the idea of working up this way and making friends here to make my stay feel more permanent.

So, what better way to solidify a place as one's home than to entertain?  Tonight I re-visited and made alterations to a pretty good recipe from Paula Deen for Creamy Macaroni & Cheese.  The change I made was to add Lawry's Seasoning Salt (I found it to be a little bland), then add almost double the called-for amount of sharp cheddar cheese (1 cup or so going on top of the macaroni after I'd transferred it to a casserole), then to cover the top with panko bread crums sauteed in butter.  I baked the whole thing for about 45 minutes and it was.....yummy.

Anyway, to assuage my sense of guilt for the ridiculously fattening (as if Paula Deen made any other kind) recipe, I decided to also prepare a pretty healthy side dish.

Today's New Activity: Blackened Seasoning Green Beans

I'd never heard of blackened seasoning (a kind of cajun all spice) before, but when I saw this recipe for Zesty Green Beans with pecans I was intrigued.  And I thought it would complement the mac and cheese well.  Extra bonus: it was super easy and quick. So I did it, and it was great.

Overall the entertaining went well, and it was nice to feel 100% at home in, well, my home.

I think I could get used to this...

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