The GGA Project -- Day #310 "More Picking, Clicking"

For Aunt Esther, Erin, JD and Mason's last day in town, we decided to do something NONE of us had ever done before.

Today's New Activity: Apple Picking

So a few months back we went to Gizdich Ranch with Nicole and girls to pick strawberries.  But that was strawberry season.  Now it's APPLE season :)

We returned to the same super cute spot and let the boys run amok, picking apples from the low-hanging branches, which was many of them and then munching on pie afterward.

For his birthday, my parents gave Monkey a digital camera made for kids, and he had a great time taking 160(!) pictures his very first time out.  It was so fascinating to see the world from his perspective!  And also so nice that he was using a camera made just for him, so that I no longer have to worry he'll break mine when I let him play with it (no more playing with it!).

One of 65 pictures of the ground:

The day's very popular taking-a-picture-of-the-person-who's-taking-a-picture-of-you maneuver:

Capturing his cousin's first apple pick!:

Here are some of my favorites of the photos he took:

I'm so excited to see what else he'll capture.  He absolutely loved going around clicking and being the one asking other people to say cheese for a change :)

It was a great day all around, but I was just sad to see my family leave town.  The days following a visit with family are always a bit lonely for me, but it was nice to have it while we did!


  1. wow, mama!! i think you have an artistic genious on your hands! those photos of monkey's are incredible! i mean, seriously artistic in composition and everything! and he's got that photographers stance and everything. crouching down to the ground to get close-ups! so cute!

  2. I can't believe he took 160 pics! That camera is awesome! And agree with Nika, they are extra cool pics he took. oh boy mama you're gonna end up with a photo lab AND a drum set in your house. :)

  3. Next time you are up at the cabin, take a look through Volume 5 of the Cabin Book. Our friends' son Mason took an almost identical photo of HIS Crocs, which were lime green! I love the Kid's View of the world! Your guy has it down!