The GGA Project -- Day #314 "Forgettable Tex-Mex"

Tonight I met my best gal Nicole for dinner in the rockin' town of Dublin.  Dublin, CA.  It can't compare, I'm sure.

By the time we met I think we were both pretty much starving, so we took a quick look around and said, "Look, a Mexican place."  And that was about the extent of the conversation we had about where to eat.

We walked in without so much as glancing at the name of the place and didn't bother to find out where we were the whole time we were waiting to get sat.  It wasn't until the host who was seating us took the menus out that I saw we were at On the Border, turned to Nicole and said, "Oh no, I hate this place!"

A little too loudly, I think...I'm pretty sure he heard me.  It was just such a rude awakening.  I'd only eaten at that restaurant once and it was an all-around bad experience.  But that was over 10 years ago.  The restaurant is still around, so I figured they must have made some improvements.

Or not.

I looked for something interesting on the menu and actually FOUND something interesting on the menu, which is, I have to say, something of a pleasant surprise in a Mexican restaurant, where I would expect to know what to expect.

Today's New Activity: Enchilada, Grilled

Which, as it turned out, is really just a durpy way of saying "flauta."  I ordered what was billed as Grilled Avocado, Red Pepper Pesto Grilled Enchiladas.  Sounded amazing right?

I was just okay.

You know, not terrible, just not all that exciting, which was a great way to describe the entire On the Border experience, in fact.  Mostly, it tasted like a sodium party to me.

The real gem of the night was the chance to be out with Nicole (who was drinking a margarita, no less...that happens like once every 3 years!) on a Friday night, catching up at a restaurant where people brought US stuff rather than us waiting on our chilluns and then cleaning up after them.  I'd eat fake ass grilled enchiladas every week if it were in this wonderful context...

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  1. "I'd eat fake ass grilled enchiladas every week if it were in this wonderful context..." tee hee! me, too! :) let's do it again some time soon. just minus the mediocre tex-mex (but we'll double up on the margaritas!!)