The GGA Project -- Day #309 "Ahhhhhhhh....Weeeeeeeeeeeee!"

As part of my son's birthday weekend festivities, we met friends at a nearby pumpkin patch in the evening. We'd been to the patch last year, but Monkey was too young to really enjoy or know what was going on.  This year he was truly living it up, and though he was tall enough to go on most of the rides himself, I was loving the chance to join him, especially for this:

Today's New Activity: Biggest Slide EVER!!!

I have to admit there were moments when I was headed up the stairs of this slide that I got a little nervous.  Mostly I was trying to figure out how I was going to get myself and Monkey onto a potato sack together at the top of a slippery slide!

I think all of us Mamas there were too nervous to go down by ourselves (with our monkeys), so we went down in twos (pictures hard to snap...it happened so fast!):

First my cousin "Bug" and me with our boys:

Then Kelsi and Nicole and their munchkins :)

Wow!  What a rush!  I don't ski or really go downhill fast ever, for any reason, but this made me kind of understand the appeal :)  That was after the initial terror passed.  Monkey LOVED it.  We went down again before heading home for cake and presents, all of which were wonderful.

The kids all played well together, and the sweet birthday boy went around giving kisses and hugs and thank yous after each present.  I was so proud of my little 2-year-old big boy!

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