The GGA Project -- Day #300 "On Storytelling"

300 is a big number.  Big day.  I should have planned for it.  But even though the day was consumed with the drudgery tasks of early morning gym and all day work, the evening giving way to the fun of a mini-party to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday (which is tomorrow), I did manage to make a discovery that became

Today's New Activity: The Joy of Moth Radio

I first heard of The Moth last week while listening to a radio story about books, generally.  I hadn't heard of it before, and all I gleaned from the brief mention was that it involved storytelling, so I stored it in a corner of my mind reserved for things I know I'll love...when I get around to it.

So this morning I added The Moth Podcast to my Stitcher stations (wonderful little app out there for anybody who likes podcasts) and gave it a listen.

A true OMG moment: this podcast was made for me!  It's as simple as this (the tagline on their website banner): True Stories Told Live

That's it.

But what more does a person, could a person ever need to keep herself entertained for a lifetime?!  I come from a family of colorful storytellers, and listening to an engrossing (or even a mundane) tale, well-told, is probably on my top three list of Favorite Things to do While Alive.  It helps if they're true stories.  To me those are the most interesting kind.

The story I heard this morning was from an adult radio personality in Pittsburgh, telling the story of his first mass as an alter boy.  I didn't find the building of the story as funny as he clearly meant it to be, but the punchline or climax that he built to was hilarious.  What a way to enjoy a super rained-out commute!

I can't wait to hear all the rest this podcast has to offer.

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