The GGA Project -- Day #299 "Cholay Treat"

 Another quickie.

At my new favorite grocery store, Fresh and Easy, I was in the mood to (what else) try new things.  I feel like I bought one of EVERYTHING!

Of course I didn't, but I did add a little variety to my lunchtime.

Take my choice for lunch:

Today's New Activity: Channa Masala in a Box

I've written before about pre-prepared Indian food, which I'd never ever imagined could be good.  Apparently they are making major strides in this area, because the spicy garbanzo dish I tried both smelled and tasted 100% authentic.

Yum.  I really, really miss Indian/Pakistani food.  Someday soon I have to head out for some real stuff...real fresh stuff.  But for now, this'll suffice.

pictures coming soon so you can pick up on for yourself!

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