The GGA Project -- Day #312 "Planking, Non-Lethal Variety"

A few days ago I read a poignant post on my friend Renee's blog about the isolation of headphone-clad gym-goers.  In it, she mentioned getting into a nice conversation with some girls working out nearby and filling them in on the planking exercises (meant to strengthen and tone abs) she'd learned from her trainer.  I'd heard of planking before (though mostly through the attention the high-rise building plankers have garnered through, oh, falling to their deaths) but never took the time to look into it.  Renee's post got me curious.  She's a mother of two who is very much devoted to getting back into her fantastic pre-pregnancy shape, so I figured if it was working for her, it was worth my time too.

Today's New Activity: New, Improved Torture for the Abs

Yeah, so planking is pretty freaking hard.  Here's one of hundreds of Youtube videos meant to guide you through the (un)pleasantries:

I was pleased to find I could manage short, 30-second sets for the time being, but it's certainly not enjoyable.  Why does every exercise for the abs have to be so damned painful?!

Anyway, I don't think I'm going to become a fan of the exercise itself, but I've heard it can be better than crunches (not that I'm doing those).  What I do like about it is that you can do it anywhere (and everywhere!  Why not?!  Weeeeeeeee!) and that it's a timed thing rather than a reps thing.  I can't go anywhere during those 30 seconds to escape.  I can't pause the exercise and drag it out.  Best to just get it over with.

Thanks Renee, for the inadvertent trainer session.  Here's hoping the remainder of my Mama belly will be see improvement as a result :)


  1. Hmmm...And how do you propose I "plank" here at school? ;>D At Body Pump the other day, the instructor *crowed* about one of her students who has beaten the four-minute plank. FOUR MINUTES? What, her abs are made of cement?

  2. Four minutes is just too much. I can do the 30 second plank twice, especially if I count really fast once I get to "20."

    Thanks for linking over, friend!