The GGA Project -- Day #232 "Genre Reading, Take 2"

A few months ago I endeavored to read a book outside of my usual favorite fiction genre--that being straight-up fiction.  The book was a mystery you may have heard of called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Yeah, that didn't go so well.  I heard it gets really good once you get through the first 30 pages of tedious exposition, but unfortunately I never made it that far.

With this in mind, I was a little reluctant to stray again into the shelves of the unknown, but in the spirit of this project I've decided to take the leap.

Today's New Activity: Delving into Fantasy

There are a couple of reasons I've decided to go with fantasy as my next new genre.  First is that I'm still not ready for sci-fi, and I know I've liked some movies based on fantasy books.  The Neverending Story comes to mind, though there have been others for sure.

But the main thing that appealed to me about George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones series was that a number of people I know are reading and enjoying it, and they range from people who almost exclusively read sci-fi/fantasy, to those who occasionally do or never have outside of this series.  With that kind of broad appeal, I figured it might just grab me too.

I'm two chapters in and was already impressed with how the author established three characters pretty clearly within a page and a half (small-sized mass market format, so a page and a half is not a lot of time).  All three of those characters were dead within the next 8 pages of the book, so this could be a long ride...but still, I appreciated that skill.  And I've been told that there are tons of characters, all well developed in the now 4-book series of tome-like books, so that's a whole lot of people to keep track of.  But I also hear it's fascinating, political, and addictive.  So then, here we go...

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