The GGA Project -- Day #221 "Tiny Squareful of Happy"

Despite the fact that my sickness goes on and has made my voice sound like I imagine sea urchins would sound if they talked, I had a full and satisfying day.  Unfortunately (for the purposes of this project), none of it was new to me.

First, I took my Ma on a belated birthday outing to Crown & Crumpet, a tea room in Ghirardelli Square, which I visited with my friend Colleen as part of a GGA playdate a few months back.  The pastries and other goodies were every bit as uniquely wonderful as I remember, but the teas we chose were not as memorable to me as those Colleen and I sampled when we were there.

In the evening I watched Casablanca with a group of friends, which was in follow-up to a Facebook conversation on the subject.  I really do love that movie.  But anyway, that was also not new to me.

Just one small thing then for

Today's New Activity: Sweet Caramel Square

In the early evening I stopped by Starbucks for a coffee pick-me-up and was, for the first time ever, drawn to this little bit of magic:

It was just the right mixture of sweet, salty, chewy and crunchy.  Super tasty.  But also super rich--so even though it's pretty small I thought it best to save half for tomorrow; I'm sure to be on the prowl for a sweet reprieve when my afternoon shift grows long.

I just want to say that today's post finds me very happy and in a holistically good mental space.  I can say it's been a while since I felt good about every single area of my life.  Today is one such day...so I go to sleep with a deep feeling of gratitude.  I hope this finds you the same...

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