The GGA Project -- Day #231 "Purty"

I'm sure there are more to speak of, but when it comes to guilty pleasures, I have two that come immediately to mind.  The first is Facebook.  I can waste a lot of time looking at and commenting on the pictures and other sharings of friends.  But doing so is making connection *of sorts*, especially when it involves people I rarely get to see in person, so I don't consider it totally futile.

My GUILTY guilty pleasure is reading (make that looking through the pictures in) frufru magazines.  My two current subscriptions are to InStyle and People Style Watch.  Basically, they are both full of posed or candid pictures of celebrities and go no deeper than to comment on the clothing, accessory, and makeup choices contained therein.

Though I certainly don't consider myself a fashionista or in any way cutting edge when in comes to style, I *do* --once in a while--make an effort to avoid The Frump that can plague mothers and render them invisible, even to themselves.  Sometimes I really do enjoy putting some thought into my outfits and feeling like a woman, apart from being a Mom.  Looking through these magazines keeps me aware of the world of options out there and somewhat clued into new, cute possibilities.

Lately I've seen a lot of mentions of nude and very light pink nail polishes.  I like the way they blend in a bit and don't call attention to themselves while still lending a little bit of finish and prettiness to the nails.

Today's New Activity: Nurturing Natural Nail Color

What a corny name, huh?  But I loved the shade and picked it from a number of nude/pink options available at Ulta, the superstore of cosmetics.  I'm not real great at applying nail polish, but here are the before and after results anyway, more or less:

I think it's a nice look for summer.

Now I need to find me a pair of nude color high heel strappy sandals and I'll be all set :)


  1. awesome. let's plan a nap time magazine fest when i get back to cali! oh and a girl-out-on-the-town shopping spree. (i am totally serious, too) you know, now i think i know the reason behind my sudden and mysterious obsession with the color pink and all things girly right around the time maya turned 2. i just was tired of haphazardly throwing together whatever clothing didn't smell dirty and/or have barf/food/??? on it. i wanted to feel like a woman, not a frump. will you pick out a nail color for me when i get home? :)

  2. Or just go nude. That would make for a great new adventure posting (so long as it also had pictures).

    I do like the nude/soft pink nail look; it reminds me of the nude lipstick look that JLo made popular a few--er, several--years back. That was pretty, too.