The GGA Project -- Day #217 "Siiiiiiiiiick"

Not siiiiiiick as in awesome, siiiiiiiick as in sick.  For real sick.  Yuck.

I started work at 9 this morning.  And was gone by 10:15.

Today's New Activity: The Stop/Start Workday

There was nothing exciting about this; it was just different.

The only thing that kept me from calling in sick today was that I was the only person at opening and there's a responsibility I have at closing time most days that only I'm allowed to do.  I asked my boss if I could leave and come back later, and thankfully she agreed.  I'd been having a really hard time standing and trying to smile at people.

So I took off and rested for the majority of the open hours and came back close to closing time just to finish up and take care of the thing I have to do, thereby skipping most of the standing and talking and smiling part.  It didn't cure me of the sick of course, but it cured me of the other type of nausea, which comes from a result of faking happy all day long.  I appreciated that.

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