The GGA Project -- Day #203 "The Light of Day"

You know how some people have legs so white they seem almost blue?

Yeah.  That's me.

Or, I should say, that was me.  That has been me, for the past, oh, I don't know, 8 years or so?  The last time I had a decent tan was in 2003 when I took a backpacking trip to Europe/Mediterranean and spent a good amount of time on the beach in Malta.

Eight years!

What's more, the last time before that was 8 years previous...the year I left Arizona.

Well, no more of that!  I'm tired of spending the summers avoiding dresses in an effort to keep from blinding people.  A couple of weeks ago I spent a few hours in the sun.  This was 1) bad.  I was burnt and have only just now almost stopped peeling and 2) good.  Awesome base tan remains in the aftermath.

All of this is just background to

Today's New Activity: First Adult Pair of Shorts Purchase

Yes, it's true.  I have not worn shorts since I was a senior in high school.  There are two reasons for this.  One is that I don't really feel comfortable wearing them.  I'm on the modest end of the spectrum in public and always felt a little strange with that much exposure going on.  Then there's the super white legs thing, which kept me from wearing shorts as a sort of public service.

So now reason #2 is taken care of, but reason #1 remains intact and will--I suspect--always.  So why the shorts today?

I was at the gym this morning, and though it wasn't even 7am, it was already very warm both outside and in.  I looked around and noticed a number of women wearing shorts, which wasn't the case the last time I was visiting the gym regularly as it was the middle of winter.  'Brilliant!' I thought.  I am so grossed out by the end of the workout, what with my legs sticking to my yoga pants and all.  I thought it was finally time to invest in an alternate gym wardrobe item.

I found a decent pair on sale at Target for $10.  And I didn't even wait for the gym to bust 'em out.  Granted, I only wore them in the backyard with my family, over dinner, but it was something.  It was weird, actually, to feel the sun and the wind on my legs.  And that's doubly strange since I will go in public in my bathing suit without issue.  It's a weird paradox.  But anyway, though I don't plan to start adding shorts to my normal wardrobe, I'm looking forward to having a less sticky time at the gym next time around!

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  1. ha ha! i feel the same way about shorts. but baithing suit? no problem. i guess because when you wear a baithing suit, so is everyone else, usually, so it's no big deal. but shorts (especially after having kids) leave me feeling a little exposed! and the tan isn't so much my problem...it's that i HATE shaving my legs every day (or even every other other day!) so a long skirt in the summer or pants in the winter is just easier! but these days with 95-plus-degree heat it just makes more sense to wear shorts and cute little dresses! :)