The GGA Project -- Day #210 "You Know You're Having Fun When..."

Well, basically, you know you're having fun when it doesn't occur to you that you've yet to put a placeholder post up and it's past midnight.  That's what my friend Kenneth's birthday party last night offered -- a real chance to just enjoy the evening and to forget about the big and the little things, including self-imposed blog deadlines.

A few weeks ago Kenneth mentioned a party theme that piqued my interest.  ABC, as it was called, referred to "Anything But Clothes."  Which is not to say that it was a big birthday suit kind of birthday part.  That would be called a nudist party.  The idea here was that you had to make an outfit yourself using things not traditionally thought of as clothing.

Today's New Activity: Homemade Party Dress

I've been thinking about how to participate in this theme since Kenneth made the call to have this kind of party for his birthday.  All of the things that interested me seemed to fragile to be considered clothing.  The eureka moment happened when I remembered the easy-to-use, affordable laminating machine option available at the teacher supply store.

I taped together a bunch of full-pages magazine ads and photographs and laminated them in long strips.  I then lined each row on top and bottom with black duct tape and attached them together.  The final step was creating a seam up the back and some darts in front to make a little bit of shape in what would otherwise have just been a big, noisy tube dress.  It was still pretty much that, with a clutch to match, but it was sturdy and secure and would work for the night, as long as I didn't plan to dance or sit down much :)

I love dressing up in costumes.  I rarely do it, when when I do I like to do it right -- no half-assed sheet-over the head ghost Halloween costumes.  I wish more parties had themes with a requirement to exercise some creativity.  I wouldn't *always* be down to participate, but most of the time I probably would.  It's fun to step outside of your everyday clothes and personae and be something completely different, even if it means just wearing something completely different.

The party was great.  A super ton of people were there, lots of old friends and new alike, and a lot of my favorite people ever!  There were a lot of togas, but also Nessa's dress and hair adornment, made of ivy, Peter's leiderhosen made of duct tape, some great garbage bag super heroes, Jeanette's flag dress, Jay's awesome candy vest, made of bags still full of candy you could grab out, and Brian's super cute pants/coveralls made from contact paper.  Kenneth rocked his Twister outfit pretty hard, too.

Happy birthday Kenneth (and hi Sarah cutie pie!), to a great friend and very decent person, genuinely trying to be even better.  I like you how you are, but I also wish you the best on your quest and am happy to be here, your friend on the journey.

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  1. I'm not sure how many a *super ton* of people are, but it seems to me that you know an inordinately large number of innovative people who think outside the box entirely! Loved your outfit! I think Kenneth deserved the most magical of birthdays just because he gave the best gift *ever* to his guests: their own creativity!