The GGA Project -- Day #224 "Giant Bathtub"

Until my cousins moved to Lake Havasu City a few years ago, I didn't even realize the place existed outside of the week of Spring Break, when high school and college-aged kids from all over the state went to party it up and become poster children for the don't-drink-and-watersport movement.  But I've been there twice now and I can say that it is a legitimate, charming town with down-to-earth residents and the cleanest Wal*Mart I think ever built.

My cousin's husband JD has family there, which is what brought them that way in the first place...but it would be a nice place to raise a family regardless.  Housing is affordable and the streets are wide enough, the traffic slow-moving enough that kids can still play like kids without the fears of big city life.  You just have to make sure they're well hydrated!

One of the main things to do with leisure time is, of course, to go to the lake itself.  Today Erin and JD planned a little BBQ lakeside, and after we hauled half the backyard down there with us, we were set for some fun in the sun.

Today's New Activity: Recreation Time at Lake Havasu

I wasn't sure how Monkey would like the lake.  A few weeks ago when we went to the lake up in Arnold he didn't even venture in past his ankles.  That water was, of course, freezing cold.  So I suppose that wasn't much of a surprise.

This water was wonderful.  I could have spent all day there and I think Monkey could have too!  I wish I'd gotten some pictures of us out there in the water, him all water-winged up...but not having a waterproof camera I was a little leery.  He did have a great time, though...chasing down Maya in the water and splashing around.  Here's Nika and the girls, venturing in:

When we were done with that we ate our BBQ dinner under the semi-cover of semi-shade.  It was great, but over way too fast.

Extra bonus though: my cousins invited along one of Erin's coworkers, who's a physical therapist.  I was able to ask him about Monkey's newly developed habit of walking on his tippy toes, which I'd been a little concerned about.  Just in case any other parents out there have this issue: he said I should monitor it and if it doesn't go away on its own in a few years it could be problematic for his muscle development and cause him some pain...thankfully, however, he said it's an easy therapy to undergo if it gets to that point.  Whew.  So *that* was a relief.

Anyway, Nicole and I decided we would really like to make a yearly trek to Lake Havasu.  Not only for the lovely change of scenery and pace, but for the amazing hospitality of Erin and JD, for the cuteness of seeing all our kids play together, for the joy of reconnecting with family as we all melt together in the gorgeous Arizona sun :)

Thanks for a great weekend, "Bug"!

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