The GGA Project -- Day #202 "New York by way of Afghanistan"

Today my boss was hit with the news of our branch's 2nd quarter sales targets.  Having had the experience of working in management, I know that it's no shock to be handed a goal that is seemingly impossible to reach.  Upper management likes to mix things up, make sure everybody is on their toes, and--of course--ensure the company remains profitable.  The jump from last quarter to this quarter is on the crazy side, however, even taking all that into account, and I think my boss was feeling the pressure.

She did what any good boss would do in this scenario and decided to start the period off right by thanking us for reaching our target last quarter and motivate us to try for a repeat performance.  The thanks came in the form of

Today's New Activity: "Typical Afghan-Style" New York Pizza

My boss is from Afghanistan, as are a few other employees, and they all confirmed that New York Pizza--a new, Afghan-owned restaurant around the corner from our branch--serves what is apparently a type of pizza particular to the region.  I'm not sure if this is one franchise in the chain called New York Pizza, but it didn't sound like it.

Anyway, it was super good!  And super huge too.  It was by far the biggest pizza I've ever seen.  And since between the 7 of us working yesterday there were 3 non-pork eaters and 2 vegetarians, she ordered a veggie pizza.  I think it says something about my growth in all areas that--for the first time I can remember--I didn't pick a single mushroom or olive off (which I've traditionally only been able to handle in small doses).  Or maybe it just said something for the perfectly proportioned toppings they served.  Whatever the case, it was one of the best pizza experiences I've had, even if the sauce was a little tart for my taste.

But if this is what typical Afghan-style pizza is, I think I'm in the right place, working in a town whose nickname is Little Kabul.

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