The GGA Project -- Day #215 "Saddest Place on Earth"

A couple of weeks ago a customer came in asking for change for the restaurant where he worked.  It was a falafel place, and I hadn't known there was one nearby.  I stored the information for some future lunch date.

So then.

Today's New Activity: Sad, Sad Lunch at Falafel Korner

First of all, the most prominent thing on the menu here is actually pizza, not falafel, so I'm not sure what happened with the name.  And second of all.  I mean, just look at this place.  From the 100 empty seats...

to the unwatched t.v. in the corner, echoing pathetically through the cafeteria-like dining area,

to the lifeless video games huddled in the corner

to the looks-good-but-tastes-like-fish-scratch-that-burnt-fish falafel sandwich...this was one of the worst eating experiences of my life.  

I hate to be so harsh.  The two employees (one of whom was--I'm guessing--the owner) were nice and helpful.  But the food.  Oh my god, the food.  How do you mess up ranch dressing?  And the sandwich did not have any hot sauce or tahini but hummus rather.  I like hummus.  Good hummus, that is.  Oh, it's making me sad all over again thinking about it :(

It's funny, because on the way into the parking lot I spotted Taco Bravo (which I didn't know was a chain), which features some of the most disgusting so-called Mexican food I've ever encountered.  And yet after eating the bit I could of this I was wishing I'd gone there instead!

And now I'm seriously starting to wonder if I may have even gotten food poisoning from this joint.  Not feeling good at all....

So I almost never do this sort of thing, especially not in a public way, but I would strongly discourage anybody I love from eating at Falafel Korner in Fremont.  Just sayin'...


  1. I don't love that this place was no-good, and that you may be ill from it, but I love that you asked how one could mess up ranch dressing (good question), and that one of your labels reads, "food poisoning."

  2. Were you able to give feedback to the owner on why the place may be so empty?

  3. oh, i hate when that happens! you order food and then you look around and see the tell-tale signs of a bad eating experience just waiting to happen. cockroaches chirp in the background...a silent tumble weed goes by... you know, i once cancelled a pizza order from "fast pizza delivery" because of a few warning signs that i got just over the phone! they were out of almost everything on their menu (!!) and the guy was just kind of rude. also, they used to have "quality" in their title some years ago. i guess they were just being honest.