The GGA Project -- Day #209 "Little Hillside Farm"

At the co-parenting group I attended a few months back, there were times when the administrator asked us if we'd done anything of note with our kids that week.  One place a Dad in the group shared caught my ear and I'd been thinking of taking Monkey there ever since.

Today's New Activity: Moo Cow up Close at Tilden Park

Tilden Park is a sprawling recreational area in the Berkeley hills.  You drive through a beautiful neighborhood full of million-dollar homes to get there, winding all the way to the top until you reach a sign indicating multiple lakes, park areas, and the clincher, which we'd come for:

Oh my, what a lovely place for animals to hang out.  There were cows,


and a little barn full of chicken, roosters, geese, and ducks, which had the most amazing, totally uninhabited spider webs I'd ever seen

Monkey, my Mom and I walked all around the little farm to the very top, where the view is just amazing.  The whole scene looked like something out of a painting.  Or maybe those kinds of paintings are based on places like this :)

Monkey was just cracking up watching the animals.  The cow swatting flies with his tail was like a Three Stooges episode in his book.  He was a little scared when we'd get up close, but by the end of our visit he was willing to help me feed a cow a celery stick.  His little heart was racing and he panted like he'd just seen a monster (which I guess it may as well have been) when throughout, clinging tight to me with what seemed like genuine relief.

This was a super kid-friendly place, and it was wonderfully uncrowded since it was a weekday.  Bonuses: parking and park entrance both free!  We'll be back.

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