The GGA Project -- Day #213 "Better Be Worth it!!"

Recently I've been hearing a lot about a show called Supernatural.  I don't know why I hadn't heard of it before or why it's coming up so much recently, but I decided I wanted to see it.

Today's New Activity: Supernatural Fail

My friend Kenneth sent some episodes my way via dropbox, which was very cool.  Except that when I went to download them (as I had with relative ease many months ago, when he first sent me Glee, thereby introducing me to the amazing and talented Matthew Morrison), my computer told me the four files would be ready to access in juuuust about, oh, 18 hours.  Not exaggerating.

My internet connection has been getting slower and slower over the months, and multiple calls to the help desk at AT&T have done little to remedy the issue.  On advice I decided to reboot the wireless router and (was I not supposed to do this?), the modem as well and successfully broke the internet completely.  FAIL!!!

Ugh.  I decided to put off the sure-to-be-thrilling-and-pain-free call to India until tomorrow, but I'd been planning to watch Supernatural for my project.  What to do but settle for what they had to offer at Hulu, which was 6 episodes from season 6.  Kenneth advised against it when I asked if the episodes were stand-alone (as in Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories...remember that awesome show?!) or if there was a story whose foundation I needed before I could watch.  He said season 6 apparently took some departure from the 5 seasons' worth of established story line, so I figured I might as well just jump right in there.

Yeah.  No.  Not really.  I was none too impressed with the episode I did see, not to mention completely thrown off my the unnaturally low-pitched voices of the main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester.  I don't know, I'm sure this series has a lot to offer (and I'd been looking forward to getting genuinely creeped out), but that episode was definitely a dud.  I don't know...when I learned the series was on the WB I lowered my expectations a bit, but perhaps they were still too high.

I will go back and catch a couple of the earliest episodes, however, just to see if jumping in in season 6 was the problem.  We shall see....

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  1. "I decided to put off the sure-to-be-thrilling-and-pain-free call to India until tomorrow" that made me L O L. seriously!! :)