The GGA Project -- Day #289 "Local Touristing (Again)"

This is another one of those things that I just can't believe I've lived here all this time and never done!

Today I was up in the city and decided, finally, to go check out what "that big dome thing is."

Today's New Activity: Meandering Around the Palace of Fine Arts

I was uncharacteristically without a camera or even my phone for this outing, so I had to yank this stock photo from the almighty Interweb:

What a beautiful place!  It was no surprise to me that we saw two wedding parties having photographs taken.  The fall light was gorgeous and everything about it ideal for making memories.  A family asked me to take their picture with the dome in the background, and after two photos I had to resist the urge to start posing them and making a whole session of it.  I was laughing and thinking about how funny it would be to spend a whole day there that way, volunteering to photograph various groups and families: "Okay now I'd like to have Mom lean her head on sister and Dad stand behind everyone..."  I'd LOVE to send tourists home with super awesome memory shots, just for fun :)

I didn't even really check out what all happens at this place, though I did wander into the Exploratorium, which is also right there, and grab a pamphlet so I can know what's up when I take Monkey there one day.  Everyone I know who grew up around here has great memories of going there for field trips when they were in school, so I'm sure it's super cool.

I thought it was supposed to rain today, so it was a very pleasant surprise that the sun came out and the afternoon was perfect for a day outdoors.  Very nice day all the way around.

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