The GGA Project -- Day #284 "______________"

I told myself I would allow one day for this...

Today's New Activity: NO NEW ACTIVITY

When I think about it, it really is a change for me, given that doing something new has been on my mind every day for the past 283 days.  It's become the norm.  So I told myself that on the day I made this change, it would be with intention, not out of oversite.

I wish I could say I enjoyed it more--the mental freedom from thinking about it.  But I was at work and then came home to a house empty of my son's vibrant energy and went to bed feeling sadder than I've felt in a very long time.  It was a lot of everything having caught up with me.  And it involved tears, yes.  But that is necessary sometimes.  It is the acknowledgment that all is not perfect in my life, the reminder that I am still very much alive and sentient, and--on the horizon--the promise of rebirth and renewal.

It was the perfect day to focus on the whole of all that.


  1. you are an amazing woman, mama. i can't (i mean i CAN cuz you're aweseome!) believe that you've been doing something NEW EVERY DAY FOR 283 DAYS!!! who can say that about their lives?? we just go about our regular day, doing what we humans do and don't even think about changing it up even the slightest bit. i'm sorry today's activity involved tears, but i know there are brighter days in your future and your life is already so much brighter now in comparison to recent years. HUGS AND LOVE to you always and forever!!!