The GGA Project -- Day #275 "Seaside Village"

My best gal Nicole is looking to move soon.  For some reason, though if I remember right she'd never been there, she's considering a move a town just south of San Francisco.  It's on the beach, it's small and cute, and it's much much closer to the city, where her man Raul works.  We decided to do some inspecting.

Today's New Activity: Visiting Pacifica

Sometimes it floors and shames me to think of all the cool spots within and hour's drive that I'd never visited until I started this project.  Pacifica is just 12 miles north of Half Moon Bay and just a wee bit off the 101, yet I'd never even considered giving it a looksie.  Look what we found:

A beautiful and uncrowded beach, despite the fact that the weather was perfect,

Super cool looking, windblown trees,

Tucked away homes climbing all the way up this cliff overlooking the sea,

one of which featured the cutest treehouse ever, a mini-version of the main house on the property, complete with a window, painted trim, and a knocker on the door.  I was beyond belief charmed by that.

We drove up and down the hills and all through the neighborhoods, trying to picture Nicole and family in the area.  I can definitely see her there, although the next test would be actually making some appointments to see rentals.

We did our goofball gal exploring and then finished up the visit at what is perhaps the only genuinely beautiful Taco Bell in existence.  It sits quite literally on the beach and features a walk-up window where the surfers can order without even having to peel themselves out of their wetsuits.  The last picture is the view from our table on the patio.

I liked Pacifica, but I didn't love it.  The housing there wasn't as cute as the little bungalows of Santa Cruz.  I think Nicole was correct in guessing the area was developed primarily in the 70's and 80's, which everyone knows were the worst decades of the century where architecture was concerned.  Still, if they can find a house that suits them, I know Nika and family will LOVE having the beach so nearby.  I can TOTALLY see Sureya growing up as a little surfer chick :)

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  1. thanks for the little drive-around day! i am still pretty excited at the thought of living there by the sea. i would be happy with a beach cottage nestled up in those hills. i know one is just waiting for us. i'm thinking it won't be ready for us (or we won't be ready for it!) until after the holidays, but if one pops up before then, i'll be sure to take you with me to the open house! :)