The GGA Project -- Day #280 "C'mon Mama!"

Monkey loves to dance.  He is a true music lover, and it thrills me to watch him as he truly listens to different kinds of music and--in his own Monkey way--dances in a way that's fitting to the rhythm and type of song.

Some time ago I took Monkey to a couple of library story times.  He was a little too young at that point to listen or pay attention, and shortly after that I started working full time and never thought to take him back.  So when we woke up this morning I decided to see if there was a story time today.  There wasn't, but there was something that sounded even better: Music and Movement group.  The description said there would be dancing and singing and all manner of thing that's right up his alley.

So then.

Today's New Activity: Music & Movement at the Library

Here's the thing though.  The group was short on movement and long on dorky.  Dorky evil.  Not dorky endearing.  The lazy leader just plopped into her chair and reached over to start a CD playing "If you're happy and you know it..."  Then she led us through 4 different rhymes in which the end result is the Mama tickling the child.  Though the small group of kids seemed to be 2-3 years old (pretty freaking young), the little bit of music there was still seemed somehow immature for them.  Nobody was all that into it, and Monkey definitely was not digging the dork fest.  Not one bit.

After less than 10 minutes, he grabbed my hand and very vehemently led me to the door with these two words: "C'mon Mama."

It wasn't stated with a question mark at the end like it typically is when he implores me to go somewhere.  It was a directive, and in there was definitely the unspoken sentiment: let's get real Mama.  Give us both a break.

And you know what?  He was right.  I'd tried in vain to get myself into the group, but it was just too much.  Or too little.

I propose a music group in which the kids just listen to real music.  I mean grown up music.  Just general music that adults and kids can both enjoy moving to.  The songs Monkey likes best on the Pandora toddler channel aren't kids songs at all.  They are just enjoyable songs with good beats.  Forget the library music group.  We'll just dance in the living room for now.  I was actually relieved he was the one to bolt and I could just follow him under the auspices of keeping track of my son :)

Instead, we went to the nearby park and had a great time.  Monkey was in great, adventurous spirits, once we escaped from the library.  And don't get me wrong.  I love the library.  But they should probably stick to books :)

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