The GGA Project -- Day #272 "Muggles Among Us"

So I normally wouldn't consider watching a movie I've never seen before qualified for this project, but this isn't just any movie; it's more of a movement, or a cultural phenomenon at the very least.

Today's New Activity: Intro to Harry Potter

A few weeks ago my parents decided they wanted to see the Harry Potter series in its entirety.  Originally I didn't want to do so until I'd read the books, but knowing realistically I wouldn't be doing that any time soon, so I decided to join them.  Last week the first one came, and, unfortunately I fell asleep 5 minutes in. It wasn't because the movie wasn't interesting; it's just what happens 75% of the time when I'm lying down to watch a movie.  Thankfully that movie was based on the only book in the series I *did* manage to read. It was years ago, and it certainly doesn't make up for seeing the action on screen, but it's something.

Tonight we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, second in the series.  Although I found some of the events to be a little awkwardly transitioned and the child acting of the boys to be a wee bit obnoxious, it was still pretty entertaining.  All I kept thinking about was how lucky were the children who grew up (literally grew up with Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the movie's actors) with this series were.  I'm sure that if I'd been a child when the first book came out I would have been obsessed with the series and hoped against all hope that a real Hogwart's school would be built, and that I could attend.  I can definitely see how the release of the final installment this past summer was heartbreaking for the fans out there.

Monkey watched with us for the first half of the movie.  He was enthralled most of the time and a bit spooked at others.  When the spiders became prominent I decided it was a good time to sing some songs and then put him to sleep in the interest of preventing nightmares.  And a good thing because the scenes that followed saw the spiders growing even larger, more plentiful, and super duper creepy.  He was sawing logs by then, so all worked out.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the films, but I'm even more excited to introduce the books to my son once he starts reading and is old enough for the subject matter.  If all the tales I'm told are to be believed, he'll be flying through them and begging for more.  Parent's dream come true, where books are concerned :)

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  1. I actually PAID Chase to try the first book because I thought it was so creatively written. I mean---Diagon Alley? He read one for the $$$, but stopped afterward. Now, Callie, that's *another* story! She would watch HP and his ilk 24/7 and 365/a year if she could. That girl is a Potter addict. Give her a Potter IV drip and she'd be happy...