The GGA Project -- Day #288 "Rice Rocket"

If you know me in person, you likely know that I've had my motorcycle license for a good decade now, and that I haven't ridden a motorcycle in a good, oh, decade or so.  In fact I never owned one and had only rented bikes on a couple of occasions, for a day at at time.

Six months ago I was considering getting a bike but decided against it on account of the danger factor.  What may have been acceptable risk-taking in my early 20's just seems irresponsible, now that I have a dependent.  Still, my friend Kenneth has been offering to take me for a ride and I was finally in the mood today (it also helped that I had worn jeans and boots to work so I was already outfitted for it the moment the mood struck).  He had an extra leather jacket, helmet and gloves, so we were all set.

Only thing is, though I'd spent all of my time as a motorcycle passenger on the back of a bike that was certainly moving fast, it wasn't designed specifically to do so.  It was a Harley.  Kenneth has a Ninja, which is definitely made for speed.  Eeeeeeeeee....

Today's New Activity:  Slowest Speed Ride Ever

So even though the bike is meant to go fast, I told Kenneth I was not in the market for that sort of thing.  In fact we only went out for about 10 minutes, maximum, and probably never got over 45 MPH.  And still I was practically terrified.  It's crazy to me to feel this change.  Just as I was pretty terrified for the first half of the river rafting trip, I spent most of that 10-minute bike ride thinking about how little it would take for me to end up as road kill.  I felt so vulnerable and exposed, and I couldn't believe I ever went all the way over the Rocky Mountains and to Denver on the back of a bike.  Ridiculous.

But again, I feel like that's what my 20's were for...doing stuff that scares the hell out of me now because I've been touched by death more, have a child who depends on me, and realize how very much I want to do whatever I can to stay alive :)

I relaxed a wee bit toward the end of our ride and could see myself enjoying riding again at some point, though I'd probably still prefer the option to sit up straight on a cruiser.  For now, I'll just say thanks for the safe little outing, KK.

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