The GGA Project -- Day #278 "Plane Monsters"

For years now I've wondered where I could park to get the best view of the planes coming into land at Mineta International Airport in San Jose.  I even asked if anybody knew of a place in an online forum once.  One thing I never thought about is the fact that the Target down the street from there is just about as close as you can get without being on the grounds of the airport itself.  Well, not exactly true.  There is a park across the street from the Target parking lot that is juuuuuust a wee bit closer.  Nicole suggested we go there after picking up Maya from a class at that park.  That's just what we did for 

Today's New Activity: Plane Belly Watching at Guadalupe River Park

Monkey loves airplanes, so I thought he'd be ALL OVER lying in the grass to watch the planes fly overhead.  The commercial ones look huge from that close (pictures can't accurately show how close they seem).

Here's a little one.  I just like the way it looks like Nicole thought it up. 

Turns out Monkey was content to jut follow his little girlfriends around, and indulge Maya in her game of "house only without a Mommy or Daddy."  She also had them referring to the planes as "monsters," though I'm not sure what all there was to that part of the game.

Nicole was nice enough to let Monkey help her with her journaling pages.   He had so much fun choosing where to put down the cute little colored tapes.

Even though there are no toys, sand, or water fixtures in this park, I thought it was one of the best park experiences we've had.  There was sooooo much space for the kids to run, and we weren't close to any roads or anything at all that we had to worry about their getting into.  I'd say it was the first time I've ever truly relaxed while out in public with my son when he wasn't safely strapped into his stroller :)

One other thing: what a treat to let the kids run free in this lush and bee-free grass!

I can't wait to go back.


  1. awesome. i agree. let's do that again! :) i'll make planes fly out of my nose this time. ;)

  2. p.s. that upside down plane totally freaks me out. i dream about that all the time!

  3. I agree with Nicole that that photo is very disturbing.

    And I think she really *did* think that plane up. She's pretty powerful!