The GGA Project -- Day #264 "How to Win Friends and Fatten-Up People"

Today a partner from a local branch treated everyone in our branch to a thank you for some good work we've done recently.  The thank you came in the sweet sweet form of

Today's New Activity: Savoring Cupcakes From Sprinkles

I admit I'm a bit underwhelmed by most of my experience with the recent cupcake craze.  I usually find them overpriced and lacking in wow factor.  But it seems maybe I haven't 1) been to the right places or 2) chosen the right flavors.

Since we were given the option, I went with cinnamon sugar, a departure from my normal red velvet.  And yummmmmmmmyyyyy!

It was super moist and all the way around wonderful.

And what a kind-hearted gesture on the part of the loan officer who thanked us with them.  Now THAT is how to make somebody's day, and how to make them want to do good work for you again.  :)

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  1. MY favorite is red velvet! But this one looks good, too. Glad you enjoyed it.