The GGA Project -- Day #269 "Gens X and Y: 1, Baby Boomers: 0"

Today we had a late afternoon meal out in the backyard, my parents, the Monkey and me.  It was a beautiful, mild day.  The perfect day to be out doing something amazing, but also the perfect day for doing absolutely nothing.  I did next to that today.  It was a very nice change of pace.

After we'd eaten, there was a whole lot of sunlight left to enjoy.  What else to do but pull out Monkey's favorite thing--the t-ball tee I mentioned in yesterday's post--and play?

My folks had invented a game a week or so ago.  It wasn't really a game so much as a goal.  I got a crack at it today.

Today's New Activity: Backyard Tourney

The goal, seemingly simple enough, was to hit a ball into the nearby birdbath.  It wasn't going so well for anybody, so my Mom decided to up the ante.  "We need to make this interesting," she said (or something to that effect).  We made teams: Monkey and me on one and the folks on the other.  The first person to get the ball into the birdbath would win.  What?  We settled on winning the right to choose an outing for the four of us and exemption from driving to the chosen outing.  Deal.

And I won.  That simple.  Everyone got pretty close during the second round.  But I won :)  Man, it's been a while since I won anything.  And now I've been brainstorming what I'll take us all to do.  So many options.  The chances are good that whatever it turns out to be, you'll be reading about it someday soon.

What a great, lazy way to spend Labor Day :)

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  1. I think you are winning every single day. Really.