The GGA Project -- Day #283 "Desperation Dinner"

Having found a good table at a crowded Starbucks and already having undone everything I'd brought along, I was loathe to pick up and leave when I decided I should have some dinner. 

I'd long eyed the sandwiches and bistro boxes sold there but had never been in quite the state of unavailable alternates it would seem making that choice would require.  Until tonight that is.

Today's New Activity: Dinner at Starbucks

Super dull, I know.

I chose this one just because it was the only vegetarian option

It was okay.  I never like lettuce that's been separated from its head for a while already and packed up into a sandwich.  The texture is always a little too floppy for me.  Eww, it grosses me out just thinking about it.  But it did just fine for a quickie dinner.

The real takeaway from the night came when I looked up from my computer and realized the reason for the unnatural quiet in such a large coffee shop.  Each table was populated by a single person on his or her own laptop.  At the only table where two people were seated, one was playing with her phone and one was studying.  I got kind of sad, thinking that other cultures would look at this and think we were an incredibly lonely and isolated people.

I do not subscribe, necessarily, to the fear that social networking and cell phones and all that have rendered us less social human beings and further disconnected, but I do think it's the case sometimes.  I used to meet friends at coffee shops.  Now I chat with friends online from coffee shops.  Part of this has to do with my relative distance from my friends since moving to the East Bay, but in the old days I would have made new friends in my own area and spent time with them.

Therein lies a resolution within my new-thing-a-day resolution: for every time I visit a coffee shop alone (and actually hang out there), I will match it by meeting a friend for coffee.  I miss in person coffee visits!  Nicole and I already have a date set for later this week :)

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  1. yay! real life meet-up at a real life coffee shop! :) who does that anymore? we must be old fogies.