The GGA Project -- Day #279 "Laughs on Demand"

Ugh.  Traffic coming home lately has been atrocious.  It has to do with the ongoing construction at the offramp to my house, which tends to create a terrible bottleneck that can sometimes extend 10 miles back.  Ten miles isn't far, ut it can take me up to an hour sometimes to get home through all that madness, a trip that takes 20-25 minutes otherwise.

Today I couldn't stand the thought of sitting in it.  So although it probably took me just as long, I decided to take the surface streets once I'd traveled half the distance I needed to go by freeway.  And there was absolutely nothing on the radio to offer me reprieve.  To Pandora, at once!

What a perfect opportunity to embark on

Today's New Activity: 2000s Comedy Station

Who knew Pandora had a variety of comedy stations?  I freakin' LOVE Pandora....all that variety and all for free.  The other day I discovered a toddler music that Monkey went crazy for!  So to help ease the torture of all that traffic, I listened to snippets lasting from 1-10 minutes each.  I heard a bunch of comedians I'd never heard before (I'm not all that familiar with comedians, obviously), and I didn't end up minding the dozens of stoplights all that much.

It's an awesome new trick to have up my sleeve :)

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