The GGA Project -- Day #282 "Not Lost...On an Adventure"

My parents' friend Stacy is visiting from Colorado, so we headed up to San Francisco for a day of touristy stuff.  And while we were at Fisherman's Wharf, caught sight of something perfect for

Today's New Activity: Getting Lost in the Infinite Mirror Maze

When you walk into the Infinite Mirror Maze and pay five dollars (free for kids), you are handed a pair of gloves and sent on your way.  The gloves are so you won't smear whatever's on your hands all over the mirrors, thereby ruining the optical illusion for everyone else.  And you would if they didn't issue those gloves, because the maze is impossible, and you are touching those mirrors constantly.  The only clue you can possibly go on to even get you moving anywhere but right into a mirror is in checking out the carpet.  You can just barely tell if the seem at the edge of every triangle of carpet meets a mirror or another triangle of carpet.  You can't tell beyond the very next triangle, so it's still incredibly slow going.

When we first set out (Monkey and me), there were a few other sets of Mamas with their kids, but after about 5 minutes in the maze, everyone else disappeared and at every turn all I saw were dozens of Monkeys and mes in the mirrors.  I have to admit I was a little claustrophobic at that point, wondering how long we'd be in there.  The man who admitted us had wisely advised me to hold Monkey's hand.  He said the little ones tend to run off and get lost.  I'm pretty sure that's my new worst nightmare, so I held on tight.

And I realized in that moment of semi-panic on my part that I had no room to waiver or freak out.  In Monkey's eyes I knew exactly what we were doing (isn't that a Mama's job?).  And I had no idea.  So this was definitely a case of "fake it til you make it."  And after a little while, we found the way out.  And my son emerged into the light as though we wander through impossible mazes all the time, like this was just an every day part of our lives.

When we caught up with everyone, we visited Zoltar, who informed us that Monkey had a lot of relaxation in his near future (read: naptime!).  Monkey loved him.

Just as he loved the huge fishies in the tank at Rainforest Cafe.  The animatronic gorilla and elephants?  Not so much.

That's pretty much it.  Just a fun day out with the folks and Stacy.  Yay!!


  1. what fun! even if it was a little bit like a nightmare. ;) that reminded me of my own childhood, going to fisherman's wharf with my mom and stepdad and visiting ripley's believe it or not museum (is it still there? i want to take maya. she'd love it!) let's plan a trip to sf soon! :)

  2. Sheeeeeeeeesh! I was phobic just reading your account! I would have taken in a golden thread, like, oh, what's his name, Theseus.