The GGA Project -- Day #281 "Just So You Know..."

Tonight my family and I were flipping through the channels and we happened to come across the end of a pretty cheesy movie called Enough, starring Jennifer Lopez.  The story is that she's escaped from her physically abusive husband and returns to get revenge.  The plot was outrageously far-fetched, but there was one scene that gave me pause.  While JLo is training for the ass kicking at the movie's end, her trainer shows her how to escape from a strangle hold.  I had to give it a try.

Today's New Activity: Useful Self Defense Practice

I think most women are terrified at the thought of being strangled.  Most people.  But apparently there is hope out there.  Just check this out (the escape move comes about 1:02):

Now again, this is a super cheesy montage.  And you can't really see how the move is used until later in the movie.  The part you're missing is that after she grabs the hands of her attacker, she uses her elbow to smack him in the face and get him away.

My Mom and I both asked my Dad to fake strangle us so we could practice.  Watching my Mom and Dad do this made me laugh so hard I almost peed.  Of course he refused to actually close his hands around our necks, so I asked him to just make fists on the sides.  And of course I couldn't actually try the defense since the goal would be to hurt the attacker.  Still, it seemed like it would be effective when we were going through the motions.  It's bound to be better than just standing there getting strangled, right?



  1. How embarrassing...Now I want to see this movie.

  2. super cheese! but now i want to try that move!