The GGA Project -- Day #259 "Veggies, Non-Threatening"

Well this is just a quickie:

My friend Kelsi came over tonight to visit and so I could take some photos of her for her website (she recently became a licensed therapist and is in the throes of building her client base).  We relaxed in my backyard as the sun set.  I love that beautiful light.

She brought some leftovers from her son Mo's 3rd birthday party today, one of which I sampled for

Today's New Activity: Tasting Broccoli Pasta Salad

It was really just a taste, since it didn't exactly go with my cheese sandwich, rice and bean dinner, but it was very good.  I didn't get the recipe from her yet, but it's made from extremely thinly sliced broccoli stems, cabbage and carrots, sliced almonds, and uncooked rop ramen mixed in a light vinegairette.  Pretty yummy stuff!

It was also nice to catch up with Kelsi.  We were both childless for the night; it's rare we get the chance to talk without having tiny voices interrupting every few moments.  It was a very nice, peaceful evening.

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