The GGA Project -- Day #262 "Cutie"

I've had this little guy for almost a year now and had yet to take it out of its package:

I'd bought it so I could have music at the gym without having to lug my entire iPod or phone in with me, both of which are pretty unwieldy for the gym.  But computer logistical issues prevented my being able to do what I wanted with my Shuffle, so I just kind of forgot about it.  Until it became

Today's New Activity: Naming, Charging, Loading up the iPod Shuffle

And I did name it Cutie, just because it's all small and orange like that.

Like all Apple products, it's incredibly sleek in design, easy to figure out.  Since there is very little space on the Shuffle, I am slowing and carefully selecting only the most upbeat dance tunes for my gym helper.  Though you can skip songs, there is no choosing the songs that play ahead of time (hence the name "Shuffle,") so it's a good idea to make sure there are no duds.  Woohoo!

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