The GGA Project -- Day #243 "The View from Here"

So the on/off ramp from 880 to my house has been under construction for, oh, um, about 2 years now.  That's as far as I know anyway.  Could be longer but I didn't live up this way before then so I don't know.

It's slow going for sure, but the most painful part of it is that it's virtually impossible to see any progress in that time.  One of the off-ramps changed slightly a few months ago, but beyond that it's been difficult to determine what the workers have been up to these past two years.

That was until Sunday, anyway.  Sunday I tried to get on the freeway and failed!  The on ramp had just up and been sealed off out of nowhere.  This was mildly inconvenient because I had to go to the next street and turn around, but I figured it would be reopened in time for the work wee.  Naw.  I made the same mistake trying to get on the freeway Tuesday and Wednesday too.

And then, finally, this morning I realized that there WAS, indeed an on ramp open the get on the freeway headed south.  I just hadn't noticed it because it comes immediately after the on ramp headed north, still on the east side of the freeway, before even crossing the overpass.  I'm not sure I'm describing this well.

Today's New Activity: Wonky On Ramp Fun

So picture this: you're going from east to west and trying to get on the freeway southbound.  Normally you would cross on the overpass and either make a left turn onto the freeway or, more commonly (in California at least), get in the right lane and do a loop-around onto the southbound freeway.  But this was neither of these.

So.  You pass the northbound on ramp on the right and then, right after that, there's the southbound on ramp. You kind of veer right and then start veering left, pass OVER the traffic you're about to merge with and head down, landing on the right side of the freeway, where you then merge to the left.  It was really pretty cool, just because it was so novel.  I have no idea what prompted the non-traditional civil engineering choice, but I didn't mind it at all.  It kind of woke me up on the way to work and made me appreciate the fact that we even HAVE freeways to drive on, even if they are under perpetual construction.

And that is all.

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