The GGA Project -- Day #255 "And.....CUT!"

Today my parents took some video of Monkey playing baseball in the backyard (pretty much his favorite pastime), and my Dad asked me if I could edit the video to so as to only leave the last hit, where he points to the tree and the proceeds to smack the ball right over it.  At first I wondered why on earth he would think I would be able to do such a thing, seeing as I have no experience with video editing of any kind.  And then I remembered the Mac Book I'm interviewing, and a little program that it seemed may be able to help.

Today's New Activity: Video Editing in iMovie

I don't know if this can really be called editing, since all I did was take a long video and make it shorter, but since I'm super intimidated by the idea of doing anything having to do with video, I considered it progress and a good start.

The 5-minute task took 3 hours because the program hadn't even been set up yet on the computer and I had to let it do its thing, then upload videos from my phone before I could even get started on the editing.  Then it took me a bit to figure out how to do that, though it was a simple thing and shouldn't have taken long.  The real challenge and time suck, however, came in trying to then send the video to my Dad.

I couldn't e-mail it for some reason.  And so I decided to upload it to youtube and send him the link.  Only because it was edited in iMovie there were some changes I had to make to the uploading format to get the audio to sync correctly, all of which took some time.  It was a simple thing that turned complicated, but I like those experiences because they make me learn new things.  Now I can do that again and it will take me much less time next round.

And in case you haven't heard me say it before, that's what this project is (mostly) all about!


  1. iMovie is (for me) challenging. I think I've had two classes and made three movies, and I'm still usually lost. But what a GREAT tool! ;>D

  2. I don't get to reading your posts often enough but always enjoy it when I do. It is also nice to see the "behind the scenes" for some of your Dad's FB posts!