The GGA Project -- Day #257 "Your Life in Planets"

For my birthday a few months back, my parents gave me a somewhat unconventional (for me anyway) gift, which I would have to arrange a time for.  Last week I finally made the appointment, which became

Today's New Activity: Astrological Reading

If anyone had suggested this to me a few years ago I certainly wouldn't have been open to it.  I might have even rolled my eyes.  But recent years have found me more open to and curious about this sort of thing, about every sort of thing.  So I approached today's over-the-phone reading without a hint of skepticism beyond that which any normal person would have when a stranger is about to tell her what's what in her life.

When I called to set the appointment last week Stephanie Jones, astrologer extraordinaire, asked nothing more than my first name, my date/time/place of birth.  And 6 days later, at the appointed time, she called to tell me a whole lot of true things about myself and the recent events in my life.

Now, I know what you're thinking: yes, I have a blog where I spill many many details about my life; any semi-decent internet sleuth could dig up plenty of info about me.  But nothing that Ms. Jones talked about had to do with what I share on my blog or elsewhere.  I found it fascinating.  For example, she mentioned my recent idea for a new software application and the fact that I may feel drawn to working with the dying in a hospice nurse type capacity.  These are both true, obscure details that I've never shared in any way she could have known.  The latter I've never shared in any way whatsoever.

My thought, when I used to hear people talk about having visited psychics or other types of clairvoyant workers was: okay, cool.  They told you stuff about yourself that was true.  But you knew it was true because you already knew that about yourself.  So what was the point of that?  A lot of people like to get information about the future, but I don't fall into that category, so it didn't hold much appeal to me.

Today's experience, however, made me see that there is another reason why talking to a skilled person who works in this area can be a worthwhile exercise.  Some of the things she talked about--tendencies I have and people I tend to gravitate toward as a result of what is in my chart--was very much true and very unhealthy.  Having somebody explain why I behave in these ways shed some light on the subject and helped me see my own capacity to change the behavior.  In the hour and a half long reading, there were several lightbulb moments for me, and one huge one that in itself would have been enough to call this a success of sorts.

I know many people cringe at the mere mention of anything that might fall into the category of New Age. Believe me, I know because I was and often still am such a person myself.  But the willing suspension of disbelief for today's reading was, I think, a good thing.  And it was definitely among the most interesting birthday gifts/ways to pass an hour and a half that I've experienced.

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