The GGA Project -- Day #251 "Spot of Tea, Non-PC"

I'm writing this from a computer not my own which is one part of

Today's New Activity: Test-Driving a Mac

My friend Kenneth is looking to sell his MacBook, and when I expressed interest he offered to let me take it home for a few days to see how I liked it first.  Man, I wish Best Buy and Fry's had that kind of offer.

What I can say about it so far is that it's taking me a little longer to type, just because I've grown so accustomed to my tiny netbook, and my fingers have to get used to stretching a little more to reach the keys.  I've also used to being able to tap the trackpad as a way of left-clicking, and also used to being able to right-click (of course), but other than that I've been able to handle the functional differences just fine.

Last night I downloaded the updates for iLife, which took some time because the internet speed at my house is sad enough to make IT people cry.  That's a lot, given that they have no hearts.

J/K folks :P

After the download finished I used the program to edit some photos I downloaded from Facebook.  And whoops (!)...because I can't remember the network password for the wireless in the house, I'd used internet tethering from my iPhone (have I mentioned that I do, in fact, already love Apple products?), which meant that the MacBook wanted to import all 900+ pictures currently hanging out on my phone.  To which I said, "sure!"

So I guess I pretty much made the buying decision too in that moment.  Yay!  I'm excited to have a powerful (albeit heavy...that will take time to get used to again) laptop back in my life, which actually has enough space on it for me to wanna upload pictures and download music.  Woo hoo.  Now there'st just the little matter of payment... :P

The other new thing I did today was to go with my Mama to a tea shop in downtown Hayward to use a gift certificate for high tea for two, which my Dad had given her for her birthday.  The Golden Tea Garden was a cute little shop not far away, physically, from the multiple pawn shops of downtown Hayward, but miles and miles away from ANY kind of downtown feel, given the peaceful and inviting atmosphere, not to mention the sweet bird track coming from hidden overhead speakers :)

Beneba, the owner of the shop, was a shy but sweet and attentive hostest with a great attention to detail.  And the variety of sweet and savory treats she served with the tea was wonderful.  

My Mom and I were remarking on how amazing it is that such tiny treats could fill us up so quickly (forcing us each to take half the treats home with us), but somehow it happens that way.

Oh my, how precious is that heart-shaped sugar?

I swear I am not a tea party kind of girl.  At least I didn't think I was before my girlfriend Colleen invited me with her to The Crown and Crumpet a few months back.  But I've gone to tea twice more since then, and I've found that I really enjoy the dainty ritual of it.  Plus, it's a wonderful way to just take some special, set aside time to enjoy the company of my Mama.  We've really enjoyed the last year, reconnecting and talking in the way we used to before I moved half the country away from my parents 15 years ago.  And I felt blessed today to have my Dad home, always happy to care for my son for a spell while my Mama and I took that special time.

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