The GGA Project -- Day #248 "Phase 3: Absolute Mobility"

Not me.  The Monkey.

This post is not so much about anything new I've done, just the change in outlook and perspective I'll have to adopt now that I know what I know.

Today's New Activity: Bathroom Barge-In

So.  Normally when I'm at home and I have to use the restroom I'll do one of two things.  If I'm home alone with Monkey or if he just happens to be right under foot, I'll bring him in there with me and he just plays around with whatever while I go.  If my one or both of my parents are home I will let him stay wherever they are until I come out.

Last night I did the latter.  It's not uncommon for him to seek me out and to call for me from outside the bathroom door, jiggling the doorknob with his not-so-tiny hands.  But it IS uncommon for him, unprecedented actually, to do what he did last night...which was to burst through the door and coming running toward me, door left wiiiiiiide open behind him.

Whoah whoah whoah!  "Hey Monkey, go close the door, okay?"  He stopped and just stood there, midway between the toilet and the door trying to decide which way to go.  Of course I don't mind if he's in there with me, but I was a bit helpless sitting there and hoping he'd either come in and close the door behind him or leave and do the same.  What if we'd had company over?  Eventually, when I asked him again to come in and close the door, he replied "no thank you," and backed away, closing the door behind him on his way out.  Hahaha.  That was a relief, at least.

Until now I've never had any need to lock the door behind me, but it seems my son has finally cracked the code and can go anywhere in the house if he pleases.  I know he's also certainly no more than a week away from being able to scale the wall of his playpen, and I'm actually shocked he's yet to climb out of his crib.

You think and plan entirely differently as a mom when you know there are places your children simple can't get into or out of yet.  I remember the pre-rollover days, when I could leave the baby flopped out on the bed and go do any number of things.  Not no mo!  I still don't feel comfortable with him even in another room where I can't see him.  There is so much he can get hurt doing or break.  But he's too old to be expected to just hang out in one place while I do whatever it is I need to do.

I've asked other moms about this....as in, how do they take showers?  When the babies are super young, you can just bring the car seat into the bathroom and let them chill there.  My friend Renee takes her oldest daughter into the shower with her and lets her play there.  I think that's a good idea, but I don't know how long I'd want to do that, given that I have a son.

I guess that, like all stages of child development, this stage of toddlerhood will require thinking and creativity on my part (good thing I've been practicing those lately!), and lots of planning ahead.

Wish us luck :)

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  1. Oh mama, it's just beginning. It's gonna require your entire arsenal and more. These days a video that Mo likes buys me time for getting ready in the morning... while Max takes his morning nap. You do whatever works.