The GGA Project -- Day #249 "So Many Letters, So Much Time"

Two weeks ago I mentioned attending the housewarming of my friends, Lynh & Maribel.  Tonight I got to return to their lovely home for

Today's New Activity: Super Scrabble Night

First of all, it's been years since I played Scrabble on a real board.  Scrabble vs, computer and also Words with Friends have been the name of the game in recent years.  And that's bad because it totally dumbs me down as a Scrabble player.  With those versions you risk nothing when playing words since there's nobody to challenge you.  The programs simply prevent you from being able to play words that aren't in the Scrabble dictionary.  It was difficult to go back to risking a challenge for playing a word I only *thought* was a word.

But beyond that, it was really fun.  The math was a bit of a mental workout when we got 3 hours into it, but even that was a nice change of pace.

The thing that makes Super Scrabble super is that the board is larger, there are many more tiles, and there are quadruple letter spaces (!).  So yeah, playing this version was definitely a commitment.  Thankfully nobody present was the take-twelve-minutes-strategizing-the-BEST-EVER-POSSIBLE-PLAY type.  We'd still be there now.

Our friend Sharon came too, along with her now 4-month old, sweetest, happiest baby in the world, Calvin.  It was a wonderfully mellow night with some wonderful, mellow people.  Thanks, Lynh and Maribel!  :)

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