The GGA Project -- Day #235 "One Angry Woman"

Ok, not really.  It's just a shout out to the film that most closely relates to

Today's New Activity: Jury Duty.  Kind of.

Since the first time I voted at the age of 18, I have longed to be summoned for jury duty.  I have conscientiously registered to vote at every single address I've ever held, and I would be the first person in line to sit on a jury for a bona fide trial...if only they'd give me the chance!

Recently, the magic moment finally came to pass, some 15 years later.  A letter came telling me I was to report for jury duty in Oakland today.  Actually, this whole thing started yesterday because I had to call yesterday and find out if I was to report this morning or not.


But I had to call again at 11 this morning to see if I was to report this afternoon.


What a bust!

What a real and true bust.  Here I was, imagining myself in the midst of a crazy pet robbing trial or neighborhood prankster avenging incident trial and all I got was the chance to call and have a recording tell me, essentially, "thank you, but no thank you."  I was officially dismissed for a year.

Oh well, sitting on a jury would have really messed up some plans I have for later this week anyway.  But at least they know where I am now.  Better luck next time!


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  2. I have lived in four states and I have been called for jury duty in EVERY city, at EVERY address, in EVERY state. I've gotten out of all of them because I don't have the romance surrounding jury duty like you do. ;)

    Once, the closest I came to being on the jury, the defendant walked into the room and I *knew* he was guilty (of murder!!!). It was truly a spiritual moment of having received divine knowledge (he was sentenced to life in prison). When the judge asked if any of us deemed ourselves unfit for this trial, I raised my hand. I'm thankful he didn't ask why because I would have said, "Because he's guilty, Your Honor."