The GGA Project -- Day #250 "Halfway Decent Start"

I was up and at 'em this early morning (and by "this morning" I mean "yesterday morning," for while I was up early and in a productive mood, I can't say the mood followed me into the evening, so this post is going up a day late).  So early that I got to the shopping center where I work a full two hours before my shift started, leaving me plenty of time for

Today's New Activity: Breakfast at The Prolific Oven

The Prolific Oven is a bakery/cafe that I never heard of before I began working a block away from one (although they've apparently been around for over 30 years).  I wasn't too interested either, until I heard they served pastas.  There's no other place near my work to get pasta, unless I wanted to rush through a lunch at The Claim Jumper, which would just be a waste.

But anyway, we were talking about breakfast.

It normally takes a pretty special occasion for me to eat a full-on eggs breakfast at a restaurant (unless it's breakfast for dinner.  LOVE that!), but today I was uncharacteristically hungry by 9am and seeking out someplace that could do full-fledged breakfast.

A quick glance at the menu posted outside The Prolific Oven looked promising, so I went right in a ordered The California Omelet (tomatoes, avocado, and jack cheese) and a cup of coffee.

They had about 6 or 7 self-serve coffees to choose from, but I had to go with this one

because, what a way to start a morning, right?

The place was near empty, so I had my choice of seats, and it was a pretty pleasant and inviting space

I wish I could say the same of the cashier there, because she was all kinds of unpleasant and uninviting, but I guess we can't all be morning people, eh?

When the food came, it looked super yummy.

but was--amazingly and unfortunately--not.  The tomatoes were very tart, and the sour cream was insanely sour.  I mean I know it has the word "sour" in the name, but my friends this was sour!  The hash browns were also pretty flavorless.  Awww, what a let down!

I'd still like to go back there to see if I can have better luck with their lunch menu, but I don't think I'll be kicking and screaming to make that happen all that soon.  Still, it was good to have a couple of hours to myself in the morning, with Wi-Fi and coffee, to enjoy a nice start to the day.

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