The GGA Project -- Day #171 "Imagine Yourself...zzzzzz"

Though I'd put this post's placeholder up, I'm actually writing this the next day, since

Today's New Activity: Guided Meditation

ended up putting me to sleep less than 5 minutes in.  I waited until I was ready to go to sleep, so that I could be in my quiet room without any distractions.  But apparently I was a little *too* ready to sleep.  It's pretty much always the case that I fall asleep when my head hits the pillow, so I should have known better...but somehow I thought maybe I'd be so into it it would keep me wired.

Yeah right.

So then I tried to listen to it again this morning, but 30 seconds into it Monkey woke up, looked at my phone sitting on the bed (I'd downloaded the meditation onto my phone), handed it to me with the word(s) "Theyougo," followed by "Gaga."  This meant he wanted me to play a Lady Gaga song for him to sing to.  I was so taken aback by this sudden and very clear communication of a desire (I swear this week he crossed some kind of threshold and is spouting out new words all the time and saying things I can actually understand.  It's AMAZING!!), I forgot all about the meditation, which would have been a bust at that point anyway.

The meditation will be there for another time.  I suppose the real new eye opening for the day comes in the form of realization: that my baby is growing up; that he is a full-fledged human being with wants and preferences and music running through his little veins; that he will soon be speaking in mini-sentences and repeating things he hears me say whether I want him to or not (better keep a close eye on that!); that he will only get bigger and faster and smarter and make me pause in wonder more often.  I know this is the stuff all parents go through--the good and the bad of it, the proud and the sad of it.  But it's all new to me.  I'm so grateful, everyday, for the love and the joy and the renewed sense of awe my son has brought to my life.

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