The GGA Project -- Day #145 "Lunch in Thailand!"

Yes.  I really did go to Thailand for lunch.  Look.  I can prove it.


Today's New Activity: Paling-in-Comparison Thai Lunch

Ok, so I admit that I undershot Thailand and merely made it one exit up the freeway to Thai Express this afternoon.  I was searching for something that might fill the gap left when I transfered too far way from Simply Thai, which I've raved about here before.  But alas, I don't believe anything can fill that gap.  I may just have to call ahead and make the extra trek the next time I want Thai food for lunch.

But to be honest, this vegetarian Pad Thai was pretty flavorful and made for a decent meal.  It just didn't have the verve that the tofu dish I love at Simply Thai has.

And shame on me for ordering Pad Thai and not something new or adventurous.  But I think what makes this little spot live up to its "express" claim is the fact that there are all of 12 menu items.  The only other vegetarian option I remember was a pile of green beans.  And while I AM looking to eat healthier, and I AM looking to try unexpected menu items, I feel I will have failed on the day I pay $6.50 to eat nothing more than a pile of green beans for lunch.

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